The True Reasons for the Euro Crises - A Chalenge

Na sequência da carta a uma jurista finlandês, que publiquei aqui, respondeu-me da seguinte forma:

On the euro crisis and economical euro zone governance

Joao do Lodeiro,

Your dissatisfaction is clear, but what do you propose instead for Europe, the European Union, the eurozone, Portugal and Finland?

Perante este desafio, meti mãos à obra, e saiu-me o texto abaixo. São 6 pontos que, em minha opinião estão a asfixiar a União Europeia. Penso que a falta de resposta às questões levantadas, mostram bem quanto o poder europeu está a ser manipulado pelos interesses económicos. Ou seja, vivemos numa oligarquia que usa a democracia como escudo. A Europa tem que mudar. E vai mudar. Não sabemos é se será a bem ou a mal, pois o maior problema é que com os actuais políticos europeus essa missão é praticamente impossível.

The True Reasons of the Euro Crises - A Chalenge

In my opinion, the best future for Europe is the strengthening of the Union, extending the economical and financial alliance to other fields, more important for people. This way, all Europeans can live better and in peace. Peace in Europe is a very important issue, as you should know. Without a strong EU, war will return to Europe. It is clear for me. Justice, Environment, Social Benefits, Education (research in Science and Technology works very well today), Taxes, followed by Army and Salaries, should be good steps. Finally, a Federation of States should be implemented. This will be the future, I know, even if the actual leaders, full of neo-liberalism and selfish ideas do not agree with it. Maybe we need a new war before. Who knows? Then, the History will continue without them. Ok, for me, we must work together to achieve that objectives sooner and avoid social catastrophes.

Biggest problems to solve:

It is not possible to continue with this unbelieved union, only thinking on the rights of actual rich countries of the north of Europe, against the poorest and the peripheral ones. The unbalance of economies in Europe must be well studied. For me it is clear that savage capitalism must be stopped. The rich today could be the poor of tomorrow. Finland knows it. Portugal already was the richest of Europe. Our crown had more than 30 times profits than British, for example. So, money is not the only thing that matters… If not, government will be conducted by oligarchs that erode democracy by the inside. The old Greeks, e.g., already studied this form of government, when the economics become more important than the politics. It does not work at all and soon or later these governments will be destroyed. The History is clear about it.

The answers to the following 6 questions should allow concluding that oligarchy have the actual political power in Europe. Ok, we must think on it, at least, to understand the actual economical policies of Europe.

1 - Why is today the Euro almost 50% higher than dollar? Euro began with parity with American Dollar!

2 - Why the prices of products and services are almost similar in the whole Europe, if the salaries and profits, of low and medium enterprises, are very different? The taxes for products and services are 5% higher in Portugal than Spain. This is catastrophic for Portugal, for example.

3 - Banks in Portugal, probably in Europe too, win lots of money and do not pay taxes like the others. Why?

4 - Banks, companies and rich people, use and abuse of offshores to run from taxes. This should be punished severally. However, this is allowed by the European policies. Why?

5 - All markets are full of garbage titles at amazing prices. The attack to euro, by using peripheral countries (maybe tomorrow will be Germany), is an easy way to faster recover from the big hole of 2008. Why EU does not have correct policies to fight against the world speculation? Where is the solidarity with the countries that have been a target for these speculators? For example, why Europe do not have rating agencies like Fitch, Standard and Poors and Moody’s? Why? Explain me, if possible, why Leman Brothers and AIG have the highest notation rates from those houses just before its insolvency? How can this be possible with the agreement of ECB and EU?! Now, they are used to destroy countries!!! Why these bad things do not change?

6 - Why EU, and the Occident in general, insists on a completely wrong global commerce? Ok, for me it could be even possible in the future, if the maxima, equal salary and rights for equal work, will be established. However, European Multinationals goes to Asia to produce their products, to have maximum profits, because the slavery work there. While in Europe the unemployment increase and the social benefits are reduced. According to the thinkers of EU (stupid ones), we, the europeans, must be punished too, until China and the others emerging countries will have social benefits and salaries equal to actual European ones. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Only multinationals can survive in this world. This, probably, is the highest proof that world is powered by an oligarchic scheme inside Occident democracies. European politics do not do anything. Anything at all! Worst. They agree very well with these policies and increase it. They are the steel heads of their Multinationals. Multinationals of all kinds. Because this, probably, the extreme right have a historical score in Finland now.

Portuguese case (few important things among others):

The biggest problem of our economy is the growth. Since we have euro currency, our economy stopped. This issue is only a Portuguese problem? I have lots of doubts about it… However, EU wants that Portugal continues to do catastrophic economical things that will increase our economical growth problems. This is a complete ice ball. This is completely wrong. I’m engineer, not economist, of course!

In addition, the worst thing now in Portugal is our Justice, at all levels. We have great problems with corruption that is not punished. Two years ago we saved a bank (BPN) with more than Euros and we know that the hole is around Euros. The Portuguese government decided to help this bank without asking anything to the people. In addition, the responsibles for this bank, old friends of PSD-PPD party and of our President, are richer as never, using our money abroad. Justice in Portugal, unfortunately, do not work like in Iceland… All people know that they followed the orientations of ECB and EU. Now, because this hole increased a lot our deficit, Portugal is in a bad situation. Besides, we did not receive any good signal from Europe either. Measures from IMF, e.g., including the interests rates (?!?) of the international loan are much better than that given by EU. How?! We will pay a lot by the loans. To talk about help to Portugal is a great euphemism. This behavior is not understood by the Portuguese people. In addition, the Portuguese do not have access to our very expensive courts. This is only for riches and very poor people... EU should studied these phenomena and impose rules for the countries. Unfortunatly, we do not have capacity of changing anything!

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